देहरादून के पिकनिक स्पॉट गुच्चुपानी गुफा में उमड़े पर्यटक, वायरल वीडियो ने बढ़ाई सुरक्षा चिंता

देहरादून के पिकनिक स्पॉट गुच्चुपानी गुफा में उमड़े पर्यटक, वायरल वीडियो ने बढ़ाई सुरक्षा चिंता

Tourists flock to Dehradun’s picnic spot Gucchupani Cave, viral video raises safety concerns

A viral video has revealed a large number of tourists crowding Gucchupani Cave (Robbers Cave) in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, sparking safety and environmental concerns

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  • 25, Jun, 2024
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Tourists flock to Dehradun’s picnic spot Gucchupani Cave, viral video raises safety concerns

Tourists Flock to Dehradun’s Picnic Spot Gucchupani Cave, Viral Video Raises Safety Concerns

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New Delhi | June 24, 2024 16:38 IST

In the midst of soaring temperatures across North India, a popular picnic spot in Dehradun, Uttarakhand has drawn significant attention due to a viral video circulating on social media. The video shows a large number of tourists crowding Gucchupani Cave, also known as Robbers Cave, raising serious safety and environmental concerns.

The Surge of Tourists

The recent heatwave in North India has led many to seek relief in the cooler climes of the hills and mountains. Dehradun, a popular destination in Uttarakhand, has seen a considerable influx of tourists. Gucchupani Cave, a major attraction in the area, has become a focal point of this surge. The cave, historically known as a hideout for robbers during the British Raj, features a cold water river that flows through it, adding to its allure for tourists.

The Viral Video

The video, shared on June 23 by the Instagram handle "Uttarakhand Wala," showcases the chaotic scene inside Gucchupani Cave. Men, women, and children are seen walking in long queues through the cave. The video quickly went viral, sparking a flurry of comments and concerns on social media platforms.

Public Reaction

The overwhelming crowd in the video has led to widespread criticism from netizens. One user commented, “Is the administration sleeping? Allowing such an enormous crowd in an ecologically fragile place like this. Seriously anything for money. Is that how you promote tourism?” Another user echoed the sentiment, saying, “Sad! No check by the administration on this reckless crowd!”

The comments reflect a growing concern over the management and regulation of tourist spots, especially those with ecological significance. Many fear that such uncontrolled crowds could lead to environmental degradation and potential safety hazards.

Safety Concerns

The primary concern raised by the viral video is the safety of the tourists. Gucchupani Cave, while a picturesque spot, poses certain risks due to its natural structure and the flowing river within. The influx of a large number of people could potentially lead to accidents, given the narrow and uneven terrain of the cave. The lack of crowd control measures further exacerbates these risks.

Environmental Impact

Beyond safety, the environmental impact of such large crowds is a significant concern. Gucchupani Cave is an ecologically sensitive area. The presence of a cold water river and its natural cave formations make it vulnerable to damage from human activity. Unregulated tourism can lead to littering, water pollution, and damage to the cave’s natural features.

Administrative Response

In light of the video and the ensuing public outcry, questions have been raised about the role of local authorities in managing the site. Effective crowd management and regulation are crucial in such popular tourist destinations to ensure both the safety of visitors and the preservation of the site’s natural beauty. As of now, there has been no official statement from the local administration regarding the incident.

Promoting Responsible Tourism

The situation at Gucchupani Cave underscores the need for responsible tourism practices. Authorities and tourists alike must work towards ensuring that natural attractions are preserved and that safety measures are in place. This includes limiting the number of visitors, implementing strict guidelines for waste disposal, and educating tourists about the importance of respecting natural sites.


The viral video of the crowded Gucchupani Cave has sparked a necessary conversation about the balance between tourism and environmental conservation. As temperatures rise and more people seek refuge in nature, it is imperative that both authorities and tourists take steps to protect these valuable natural resources. Only through responsible and regulated tourism can the beauty and safety of such sites be maintained for future generations.

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